Fleet Card Programs

It’s appropriate to say that Valero fleet card is one of the best business cards available for businesses. Whether you have a small business or a large one Valero has an option for you that would fulfill your business needs.

Businesses who ran a large number of vehicles for their operation are often found wondering how to manage fuel purchases of their vehicles. If you want to focus completely on the productivity of your business you can’t afford spending time on managing fuel purchases. This is what Valero realized and gave businesses an option to easily manage the purchases.

There are two options available under Valero Fleet Card: Fleet Credit Card and Commercial Credit Card. For a large business, Fleet Credit Card is designed. It allows you to earn up to 8 cents on each gallon that you purchase. It provides you complete access to your account and you can download reports for 15 dollars a month. These reports will include every bit of information important for your business point of view. They will also include a complete vehicle, driver, and summary report. You can also get a customized card and ask for the pin to be allocated to each card to ensure extra security.

Commercial credit card is suitable for small businesses that have fewer vehicles to manage and less detail. It allows you to access your monthly reports for free, unlike Fleet credit card. You don’t need any PINs to use your card. Also you can create an online account and manage your credit card from there. You can see which vehicle has spent how many dollars when and where.

Another great thing about both the card is you can choose what amount you want to pay. This is great flexibility offered by Valero. It allows customers to pay either the full amount or the half.

To get any of these cards, just visit the official fleet card page. Choose your card to provide the necessary information and submit your application. After a few days you will receive your card, if not, contact the management.