Applying for Valero Gas Cards

Fuel cards get you out of the fear of not having money to buy things. They let you manage your purchases in an efficient manner.

Just imagine you are away from home on your vehicle at night and your vehicle needs a refill. But, when you look inside your wallet you realize that you don’t have any cash, what you would do now. That’s where a Valero credit cards can help you.

Getting a Valero Card is easier than what you think

If you think getting a Valero card is difficult then you are wrong, it is as easy as it could be.

Unlike many other gas cards, Valero credit cards don’t require you to go to any bank’s website to apply for them. You can apply for them directly from the Valero’s official website.

Valero offers three credit cards; consumer, commercial and fleet credit card.

The process for applying and the information required is the same for commercial credit card and fleet credit card but differs a bit for the consumer credit card.

Consumer Credit card

To apply for the this card you can either download the application form or apply online.

First go to Valero website, go to the consumer page and click on apply online. Enter your complete name and date of birth.

Enter your Social Security Number and primary and secondary phone number. Give your email address and annual income. Enter your complete mailing address, city, state, and zip code. You also need to provide your driver’s license information.

After providing the required information, agree to the terms and conditions agreement and click on submit application. You will receive a reply in a short time.

Commercial and fleet

You can apply for the commercial and fleet credit cards on the same page. First, select the card that you want to apply for. Then enter your company’s legal name.

Provide your SSN and billing address. Then you need to enter a physical address, phone number, fax number, etc. You also have to provide information related to bank and trade.

After providing every information, click on the submit application, and hopefully, you would get the credit card soon enough.